Bodywork By Brittany

About Me

I graduated from Cortiva Institute in 2013, in Pennsylvania.  I have since been practicing massage therapy.  I decided on this career to help others get connected with their own bodies.  I soon saw how massage can be beneficial for those in pain. For example, take Sally Bailin, stroke victim, she had a stroke seven years prior to meeting her.  I knew together we had to activate her muscles that hadn't been used in those long years with stretches and massage. After a short while of this therapy she went from not moving her left leg at all to being able to walk at her PT appointments.  It was then I truly realized the healing power within bodywork. 

I moved to North Carolina in 2016 and soon after enrolled in a training program called deep feet therapy or Ashiatsu.  While completing this class the lights came on and I knew that this was the style of massage I wanted to do!  Ashiatsu is when a therapist uses their feet and glides across the body just like with their hands. However, with this style you have gravity on your side which enables a deep compression and really releases the muscles. 

I have now portable bars and set up at festivals and events which can introduce this type of massage to a variety of people. I love the outdoors and enjoy offering this type of massage in that environment! In the office I offer Ashiatsu and traditional hand massage as well.  It brings me joy watching people feel better in their body.  We only have one body... let's take care of it!